Dog  Boarding

from only $20.00 per day


Our ten acre bush property is a dogs paradise. Offering large shaded outside grass exercise runs. There is supervised swimming available in the warmer months, bush walking as well as a fully equipped Agility Course. All of this accompanied by one of  our professional animal carers. And why not have your dog/s participate in one of our Live-in Obedience Training programmes during their stay and come home to a well trained dog. Ask about these added services during your enquiry.

Comfortable Sleeping Areas

Our modern brick kennels are spacious, comfortable and heavily insulated and ventilated. Our facility will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. Private sleeping quarters open to individual shaded concrete exercise runs.

Small Breeds Area


Relaxing music plays 24 hours a day for your pets enjoyment. We always keep the lights on at night. Your dog's stay with us will be enjoyable and stressless. We even have a special area for small breeds only.

AccompaniedBush Walks 

Vaccinated dogs are accepted for boarding from five months of age. Your dog can have the company of another friendly dog for companionship if it's a little bit shy or its first time in kennels.

Fresh Meals
Prepared Daily
We Feed Royal Canin Dry Food
Warm in Winter &
Cool in Summer

Redgum Kennels offers 24 hour/7 day supervision of all pets in our care. The residents house and caretakers cottage is located close to all boarding facilities.

 Large Outside Exercise

Our knowledgeable caring staff are also professional Dog Trainers and are experienced and skilled with all breeds and temperaments from toys to large breeds.

Lots of
Extra Activities Available

Accompanied Bush Walks, Supervised Swimming, Obedience and Agility Training are unique to Redgum Kennels. All these services are available during your dogs stay. Our large property is a dogs adventure playground.   

Bath Time
Dogs Go Home Looking & Smelling Wonderful



~~~ Prices are calculated on a per calendar day basis and do not apply to peak periods such as Easter & Xmas ~~~
Go to 
Prices for a full list of our services and pricing

Daily Rate Dogs up to 10kgs

per day each $20.00

Daily Rate Dogs from 10kgs - 40kgs

per day each $25.00

Daily Rate Dogs from 40kgs - 50kgs

per day each $28.00

Daily Rate Dogs from 50kgs - 60kgs

per day each $30.00

Daily Rate Dogs from 60kgs - 70kgs

per day each $32.00

Daily Rate from 70kgs

per day each $35.00

Not Desexed Male & Female Dogs - Unsociable Dogs

extra per day $5.00

Easter 2019 - From 18.4.19 to 23.4.19 - Dogs up to 40kgs - Note* All Easter dog boarding prices are based on share accommodation

total per dog $180.00

Easter 2019 - From 18.4.19 to 23.4.19 - Dogs from 40kgs - 50kgs

total per dog $200.00

Easter 2019 - From 18.4.19 to 23.4.19 - Dogs from 50kgs

total per dog $220.00

Xmas 2019 - From 15.12.19 to 10.1.20. Dogs up to 40kgs - Note* All Xmas dog boarding prices are based on share accommodation

per day each $30.00

Xmas 2019 - From 15.12.19 to 10.1.20. Dogs from 40kgs - 50kgs

per day each $32.00

Xmas 2019 - From 15.12.19 to 10.1.20. Dogs from 50kgs

per day each $35.00

Extra Services eg. Accompanied Swimming, Bush Walking, Agility (boarding dogs only - conditions apply)

per 1/2hr $30.00

Long Term Rates


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To ensure the health and wellbeing of all pets in our care please ensure the following health requirements are completed prior to entry into kennels;


1. Written proof of vaccination is required at kennel entry. Please ensure your pet is currently immunised against - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Bordetella (C5).


2. Intestinal worming of your pet is required prior to kennel entry. We recommend Drontal® All Wormer (based on your dogs weight) to be administered a few days prior to kennel entry.


3. Paralysis Tick prevention is absolutely necessary as it prevents ticks entering our kennels. Advantix and Nexgard are available from reception. Advantix is $20.00 per fortnightly application and Nexgard is $30.00 given monthly . Also available from your Vet, pet shop or produce stores. We do accept other Paralysis Tick prevention such as Bravecto and Frontline+ Please Note* We do not accept tick collars.


4. For health and hygiene purposes please do not bring any toys, bedding, blankets or any other personal items with you for your pet/s stay - these items are conveniently supplied. Also, all personal K9 equipment ie leads, collars, harness's is removed from the dog/s and returned to the owner at point of entry. We do not accept any responsibility for lost items.


5. Special Needs: To better assist you please advise us at initial enquiry if your pet/s is in season, requires medication, has any dietary issues, suffers from separation anxiety, storm phobia, is prone to unsociable behaviour or is not desexed as conditions apply. Please Note* Unfortunately we cannot accept any special needs pets during peak periods such as Xmas, Easter, public and school holidays.

6. Picking up and dropping off pets is from 8am to 4pm Monday to Saturday (by appointment). Closed Sundays & Public Holidays. Please Note* All Xmas 2019 boarding pets must be in by 1pm on Tue 24th Dec 2019. We are then closed for picking up and dropping off pets until 8am on Thur 2nd Jan 2020.  

7. Kennel Inspections are welcome - Monday to Saturday (by appointment)



All Breeds from $20 per day   ~   Proof of Vaccination Required (C5)   ~   Quality Meals   ~   Vet on Call  

Nail Clipping  ~  Weigh your Dog/s at Reception  ~  Grooming Available from $50.00    

Hydrobath Boarding Dogs $15.00 (a requirement for all boarding dogs)   ~   Caring Knowledgable Staff 

Advantix & Nexgard Available at Reception   ~   Excellent Long Term Rates    

Medication administered (conditions apply) from $2.50

Kennel Inspections are Welcome (by appointment only)

Ask about our Live In Training Programmes - Available while your dog is boarding.               


Go to Prices for a full list of our services and pricing


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