Your pet/s can be transported in comfort in a specially designed PET TAXI providing a safe and relaxing  journey in the hands of animal care professionals. We pick up and drop off your pet/s from anywhere locally to and from our Kennels/Cattery.




  • Please ensure your pet/s are currently vaccinated, intestinally wormed and is treated for fleas and ticks.

  • Consult your Vet if you have any concerns about your pet/s ability to be transported.

  • Advise our office at time of booking of any health conditions or concerns to ensure your pet/s transport is made as comfortable as possible.

  • Dogs should have a secure collar displaying council or identification tags.               

  • Cats are transported in comfortable, secure pet carriers.

  • Do not feed your pet/s within six hours prior to travel. Limit over feeding pups to avoid car sickness.

  • Sedating pets is not recommended.

  • Exercise and toilet your pet/s prior to transit.

  • At the time of pick up you will be asked to complete and sign the Customer Information Form prior to the driver taking possession of the pet/s. Please make sure you have the pet/s current vaccination certificate/s available for the driver to sight. 

 Pet Taxi

*  Full payment can be made by credit/debit prior for              your pets stay or by cash on the day 


*  Business Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday to Saturday                   Closed Sundays, Public Holidays & After Hours


*  Advanced Booking Required


*  Rates - Price On Application

    Note - Prices are based on Commercial Taxi Rates

Go to Prices for a full list of our services and pricing


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